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Pro Claims Solutions GmbH

Assekuranz-, Service- und Sachverständigengesellschaft mbH (A.S.S. GmbH), now trading as Pro Claims Solutions GmbH, was founded over 20 years ago and is a leader for the provision of disability claims management in Germany.


Our Services


  • Occupational Disability / Invalidity Insurance
  • Personal Accident / Life Insurance
  • Sickness Daily Allowance Insurance
  • Rehabilitation Aid and Assistance
  • Training / Audits


Our experienced and multidisciplinary team delivers to the high standards expected by our clients and their claimants.

Pro Claims Solutions GmbH specialises in occupational disability insurance in the private insurance industry. Our clients include many of the major German insurance companies. We support individual cases, as well as provide claims audit services. Our claims and management information is tailored to meet their needs and expectations.



Our Approach


The assessment of the degree of incapacity depends on many factors such as claimants’ careers and medical information. One of the main requirements of assessment is detailed data collection to enable our clients to make the right decision.

We support the insured in fulfilling their disclosure obligations concerning these requirements. Job-related facts are analysed and medical data is verified and assessed by medical specialists. If required, we assign additional independent experts. Carefully assessed and sustainable decisions benefit both insured and insurers. With our services our clients receive a comprehensive statement of the facts, which facilitates quick and appropriate decision making.

Our clients benefit from our working experience of over 20 years in this line of business. A careful and comprehensive gathering of information at the beginning of the assessment process provides the basis for comprehensive and valid decision making by the insurance company, thus minimising and avoiding disputes.



Why Pro Claims Solutions GmbH?


The proper handling of a claim is key to customer expectations. In this “moment of truth” the quality of the chosen insurance product and the assessment practices of the insurer are reflected. When it comes to (occupational) disability, sensitive and responsible handling is key due to potential financial and emotional sensitivities. The existing concerns and expectations of the insured, and the financial risk of the insurer, require a professional review and assessment of the facts, both to be conducted with a sense of responsibility and sensitivity.

Pro Claims Solutions GmbH. assists the insured and the insurer with expert advice and professional support throughout the entire process of claims evaluation. We thoroughly investigate the facts of each case and work transparently, so questions can be answered at an early stage. We focus on providing a high level of service, quickly and responsibly throughout the whole process. In the event of any dispute we can act as mediator between the insured and the insurer, to avoid conflicts and to find common solutions.





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