What we do

Technical outsourcing

Adding value by enabling you to focus on what you do best


The market's challenges

The reinsurance industry presents a challenging environment for organisations that are both ambitious and determined to maintain and improve their standards of service and management of risk. Typically, our clients are seeking support to enable them better to manage peaks and troughs in work volumes or they are seeking to free up their own resources to focus on core business activities and achieve their strategic aims.

Outsourcing is the most efficient way to make sure that the best resources are deployed to deliver your business goals to the quality standard you demand.

What we do

At Pro we have been delivering a trusted outsourcing service to clients for more than 30 years. We design our flexible service around what you need. If yours is a young or start-up business, outsourcing can help you reach critical mass quickly by supplying the resources you need to achieve scale. If you are an established operator, outsourcing can provide you with a cost-effective way to manage your resources and give you access to additional technical expertise. We align our interests with yours, so you can be confident that we will deliver a cost-effective and guaranteed high quality service.

We have a strong team of professional practitioners who have a thorough understanding of the entire reinsurance and insurance lifecycle. We take great care to get to know your business and we tailor our outsourcing service to meet your particular needs. You can choose to outsource one or more of your back office processes, a complete end-to-end package, or anything in between.

Our people provide a seamless extension to your team. The service is delivered from local, dedicated centres; this reduces your operational costs and means that you have convenient access to our offices and the team if that is what you want. Our outsourcing service is effective for both live and legacy operations.

The value we deliver

Our outsourcing service is delivered from local, dedicated centres; ensuring convenient access to our centres. As we are committed to an alignment of our interests with yours, you can be confident that we will deliver a high quality, cost-effective service.

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