What we do

Risk, audit and compliance

Adding value by providing independent assurance on risk, audit and compliance


The market’s challenges

Whether you are new to the market or are an established player in the reinsurance or insurance industry, you are likely to be facing these or similar challenges:

  • Your want to grow your business and that may be through organic development, M&A activity, new product development or new market entry
  • You find you are managing increasing numbers of appointed representatives or intermediaries and this is having an impact on your regulatory risk or market reputation
  • You need to operate effectively in an ever changing regulatory landscape
  • You want to deliver the highest levels of service across your business operations

What we do

Pro’s risk, audit and compliance expertise and experience can provide your organisation with high quality, tailored assessments and monitoring reviews. We offer:

Expert audit and inspection services and risk mapping

Our programmes are planned around your specific objectives to help you to understand the underwriting, claims, accounting and management of your business. We cover all major classes of direct and reinsurance business

Litigation support and expert witness

We have experience working on litigation and arbitration cases in all major jurisdictions. We undertake technical discovery work as well as act as expert/ fact witnesses in areas such as actuarial, claims, underwriting, reinsurance accounting and insurance practices

Risk and compliance

Whether embedding a risk management methodology, reviewing your corporate governance or developing a compliance framework, working with us gives you access to specialist expertise when you need it to support your business - without the year-round overheads.

Pro’s risk, audit and compliance expertise and experience can provide your organisation with high quality, bespoke risk and compliance assessments, compliance monitoring reviews and audits. These services provide assurance that your processes are in line with market best practice, that your procedures are assessed for compliance with the industry’s regulation.

Market access (Intermediary and MGA services)

We deliver services to regulatory standards and have developed an approach to setting up Intermediaries (MGAs and Brokers) that aims to accelerate and control the whole process

The value we deliver

Our risk, audit and compliance service helps you cope with the demands of a dynamic industry. It can provide you and your business with confidence that you are keeping pace with the regulatory environment through all its changes and that your brand, quality standards and reputation are being protected.

The experience and technical expertise of Pro people means that we can help you to meet your audit, risk assessment and compliance monitoring review requirements.

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