Operational consulting

System transformation

Streamlining business processes and service delivery across the enterprise

Our consultants work with you and act as a bridge between you and your strategic technology partners, so you work as an integrated team to achieve the business benefits your organization wants. Our industry experience lets us efficiently capture and understand your insurance or reinsurance system processing and reporting objectives. We give strategic advice and help you achieve what you want in terms of the business processes and the supporting systems solution.

Our team is made up of Systems Transformation specialists in project management, change management, business analysis, testing and user readiness. This set of skills means that we will help you identify and articulate exactly what you want to achieve and then help you to deliver those objectives.

Our approach includes directly handling analysis through the implementation of CRM, ERP, Underwriting, Claims, Finance, Actuarial and Workflow System technologies for both transaction processing and reporting solutions. We help you specify and achieve your objectives based upon advanced infrastructures that are the most compatible with your technology and business objectives.

Adding the value of practical knowledge

Our team of industry practitioners has extensive hands-on experience in managing and delivering a range of transaction processing, reporting and data-warehousing solutions at a local and global level. We understand the constraints of legacy technology and the obstacles to delivering both new and incremental solutions. We recognize the change elements that are critical to strong user adoption and benefit realization.

Focused on getting results

We know how important it is to understand the whole value chain, the processes and related systems and how to integrate and roll out systems in a practical way that avoids data and efficiency problems.

Our business and technology expertise, delivered from an objective external perspective, allows us to focus on facts and solutions. By focusing on the outcome and application of information, we avoid unnecessary waste and over-engineering. We deliver practical solutions.