Operational consulting

Project management

Planning, organising and managing every aspect of change

Much more than textbook project management

All of our practitioners are reinsurance and insurance professionals. We have a team of project managers, project office support, team leads and test coordinators who offer the full range of capabilities needed to plan, organise and manage resources to realise your specific project goals, on time and within budget.

Working closely with you to understand the change you want to achieve, we offer much more than simply applying project management methodology to implement change. As practitioners, we understand your business; having delivered a broad range of transformation projects, we bring knowledge and insight to ensure the project objectives are met.

Your complete project management resource

We can provide experienced professionals to manage a single project or an entire program – or to act as team leaders to manage a project workstream. Whether in start-up, delivery or recovery, our team of practitioners has the range of project management skills and specialist knowledge to provide an integrated solution to meet your needs.

Building on secure foundations to start the project set-up, our practitioners can help you to:

  • Identify problems and/or needs and scope the extent of any potential project, developing the concept and the business case
  • Identify and communicate with stakeholders
  • Develop a business plan, outlining budgets and benefits
  • Plan the project and estimate what resources are needed
  • Work with the senior stakeholders and decision makers

Our project managers and team leads are involved on a daily basis, working with the project team to achieve specific project goals. This primarily involves the planning of tasks and activities in conjunction with the controlling and motivation of project resources. In addition, a Pro practitioner will use his or her specialist reinsurance and insurance knowledge to play an active role as a subject matter expert as part of the project team. With Pro, you have a team that can deliver both process and content.

Our project management team supports and manages the governance aspects of a project. This includes:

  • Project Documentation
  • Project Controls
  • Risk and Issue Management
  • Project Planning and Budget Management
  • Stakeholder Management and Communication
  • Project Reporting
  • Change Control

A successful approach

At Pro, we recognise the importance of applying appropriate measurement tools at the outset to analyse the existing situation and assess the options for delivering increased value. We work closely with the stakeholders at all levels to understand where problems are and to gather their input on how processes might be improved. We then work alongside you, from start to finish, to deliver the necessary change. This results in a smooth handover of knowledge and a basis from which to continue to make the most of the improvements. Successful process improvement is an important part of delivering change and change management is critical to delivering effective process improvement. That is why we pay equally close attention to the minutiae of process and to the broader people, process and technology issues.

Benefit from our experience

We are reinsurance and insurance industry experts. With this practical experience, we have already encountered many of the issues you face and we can quickly identify those we have not. We supply hand-picked individuals and teams to meet your specific needs. We work closely with you when you need resources to cover surges in activity. Our experience tells us that, in those circumstances, you will appreciate and benefit from having a preferred supplier with a skilled resource pool to which you can turn. It will save you from having to hire people on short-term contracts and is the answer when you need only a fraction of a person.