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Operational risk management & efficiency in EUC

Global regulatory frameworks are putting greater focus on data integrity and auditability. The global reinsurance and insurance industry is facing increasing pressure to demonstrate that the data that flows through its organizations are accurate, of a high quality, come from reliable sources and are timely. Although regulatory and statutory reporting and controls provide the driver for improved efficiencies and accuracy, the same principles should be applied to all aspects of your business.

Financial modeling, governance and auditability, as well as actuarial and data functions in general, are all affected in the current drive to improve organizational efficiency. Data quality must be consistently high across the organization and readily available for solvency calculations and disclosure of decisions made. Speed and accuracy are essential so your business can avoid being held back by the new demands.

The cost of ensuring data quality is a challenge for many organizations; the target is to implement automated solutions which reduce staff overhead costs and deliver processes that are repeatable and can be subjected to audit scrutiny.

One of the weak links in many organizations’ business processes is the use of End-User Computing (EUC) solutions, such as spreadsheets or unsupported databases. Data contained in uncontrolled environments can present business-critical risks that need to be understood and managed effectively.

The implications of having poor quality data, maintained by processes that cannot be audited, include:

  • Uninformed or unsupported business strategy and decision-making
  • Inadequate systems and controls
  • Difficulty in satisfying internal/external audit
  • Difficulty demonstrating regulatory compliance
  • Risk of errors in manual processes and the need for manual reconciliations
  • Unnecessary costs incurred from repetitive manual checking of data
  • Reputational risks


Pro specializes in operational improvement. We work with you to reach a deep understanding of your business strategy, current processes and issues and we are able to help you to reach optimal operational efficiency and effectiveness.

In this area, our focus includes:

  • Process Review
  • Risk Management
  • Data Analysis (including software techniques)
  • Remediation and Change


An example of our offering is a four-phase approach to help you understand your EUC environment.

Phase 1: Identify area(s) to be reviewed and potential areas of risk to your organization.

Phase 2: Review current processes, including EUC data sources and how you use them.

Phase 3: Analyze the review.

Phase 4: Propose possible solutions, including process improvements in areas of higher risk, to maximize operational effectiveness.

This review can be done quickly and cost effectively using a combination of business data and process analysis, using state-of-the-art investigation tools. We then make recommendations on what immediate remedial actions you should take and proposals for longer-term process improvements.

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