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Change management

Delivering change to help you work faster and smarter

Managing change does not always come naturally. Projects can fail even when attention is paid to technology and process, if the people element has taken a back seat. Taking care to manage the human side of a change project by engaging with the right people at the right time will significantly improve the chance of delivering a successful project.

At Pro, we really understand the people side of change, both for individuals and for the organization, and we have developed a set of processes and tools to manage it.

Our Prosci®-trained practitioners use the ADKAR® model (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement) to manage the change steps that individuals go through. This approach recognizes that a corporate change is in fact made up of many people going through their own individual change to ultimately achieve a specific business objective. We are used to managing resistance to change, dealing with peoples’ fears, motivations, wondering ‘what’s in it for me?’, how they behave and the impact of cultural differences.

We start by working with the primary sponsor to make sure they are willing and able to provide the right level of engagement, both in terms of visibility and in supporting change initiatives. Planning for change is just as important as preparing project plans; Working with change agents - usually line managers, who are the best equipped to lead their teams through the change - we develop communications and training plans that make sure that people are engaged, knowledgeable and able to adapt to a new way of working or new environment. By engaging with people, seeking, obtaining and acting upon feedback and reinforcing the case for change, we are able to ensure that the benefits of implementing a new system or process are realized, that there is a smooth transition to business as usual and that another project is successfully implemented.