What we do

Operational consulting

Creating value by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations


Your challenges

Standing still is not an option; we all have to be to be ready and able to adapt to changing circumstances, and to do so smoothly, without disruption. Fiercer competition, increased regulation, more sophisticated and demanding customers and ever greater macro-economic pressures can mean you need to change how you operate, seeking out better, faster, and more efficient ways of working. The ability to deliver value consistently in a challenging environment is vital for successful organisations.

Focusing purely on the reinsurance and insurance industry, our team of change management professionals has a proven track record of delivering real transformation for our clients. Our strong technical knowledge, which ranges from Underwriting, Claims, Technical Accounting, Financial Accounting, Actuarial, through to Operational Management, gives practical insight from the customer perspective. This knowledge and experience, coupled with our business transformation skills, help us deliver valuable and sustainable results in an effective and controlled manner.

What we do

Whether you are a single-location business or a global organisation with multiple cultures, practices and technologies,  whether you are re-engineering your entire business process or simply moving office; we have the skills and strategies to provide effective help. We have a track record in helping clients to deliver value; some of the triggers for change that we see are:

  • The need to improve operations, be that regulatory compliance, increased efficiency or effectiveness of processes and people, with our strong operations experience we bring both empathy and insight that enables practical and pragmatic delivery
  • Technology based transformation - We can support the process from requirements though to user readiness and embedding new solutions that will deliver value. We are not a software house so we do not write computer code, but we do act as a bridge between the business perspective and IT. We work with you on Business Requirements, User Acceptance Testing, Test Management, Conversion and Reconciliation Support, user training and change management.
  • Data Analysis and Applied Analytics - We can support your organisation as you seek greater insight: for example through the rigorous analysis of data we can help you understand how to grow market share, improve pricing, reduce fraudulent claims and lower operational overheads. The combination of our technical insight in areas such as claims management, actuarial and technical accounting, coupled with our analysis and project skills means that we can provide you with ‘outside-in’ thinking that will help you to bring about the change that is needed.
  • Taking a holistic view of people, processes and systems helps identify where value can be created and where risk needs to be managed. Our independence, integrity and flexibility underpin our ability to help you realise the potential in your business.
  • We take a pragmatic, outcome-oriented approach, focusing on planning, communication and stakeholder management. Equally comfortable working independently, with your internal teams or other third-parties, you remain  in control of the change process to ensure you benefit fully.

All the skills you need

We offer a full range of business transformation services, including:

Specialist experienceTransformation skills
Underwriting Program/Project management
Claims Change management
Technical accountingProcess engineering
Financial accounting Business analysis
Actuarial Test management
Operations (HR, IT, Risk, Audit, Compliance)Data engineering

The value we deliver

We work closely with you to identify the nature and scope of the change needed to achieve your objectives. We can help you improve business processes, reduce overheads and implement controls required by changing regulations.

Proactively managing your change process, we work hand-in-hand with your managers so there is a seamless transition on handover.

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