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Lift and drop

Are legacy servicing issues holding you back?

We can free you from the burden of servicing legacy business with our dedicated Legacy Lift & Drop service. This allows you to transfer your responsibilities to us at a discount against future servicing costs.

Our proprietary web-based processing platform STRIPE® gives us a unique ability to handle legacy business efficiently. So your clients will see service level improvements.

Is legacy processing choking your broking business?

Our Lift & Drop service effectively frees brokers from their commitment to service books of legacy business.

Transfer your legacy processing responsibilities at a discount against future servicing costs. You simply identify the legacy portfolios that have no strategic value for your business and transfer the responsibility for these to Pro. We become the new broker of record.

Ceasing to be the broker of record allows you to achieve effective finality and draw a line under your legacy commitments. The result is that you can release capital and focus on your core activities. We maintain your desired service standards while freeing you of legacy business distractions.

This cost-effective solution is supported by access to our unique web based platform, STRIPE®,which enables insurers and cedants to deal with their reinsurers and insurers directly.

Our broking team understands London Market claims issues and what the market expects of claims presentations. We have a wide network of market contacts and a proven record of success in collecting from reinsurers and insurers.


STRIPE® is the platform maintained by our sister company STRIPE Global Services Ltd which supports rapid and efficient processing. We share the benefits this creates with you, the outgoing broker.

If you choose to retain responsibility for key legacy accounts, we work with you to implement STRIPE® within your own business to create a more cost-efficient processing environment.

And we help you avoid future legacy issues by implementing STRIPE® on current business from contract inception.