Scheme management

Dowa Insurance Company (Europe) Limited


Pro has been retained to assist the Scheme and Part VII process of Dowa Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd. Dowa Insurance Company (Europe) Ltd was formally put into run-off in October 2010 and has no active business; its last policy expired on 31 March 2011. Following sanction by PART VII of the FINANCIAL AND SERVICES AND MARKETS ACT 2000, AIOI NISSAY DOWA INSURANCE COMPANY OF EUROPE LIMITED has become the legal successor to DOWA INSURANCE COMPANY (EUROPE) LIMITED in respect of all its business including the Business which is subject to the Scheme of Arrangement.

Scheme of Arrangement: Terminated on 21st August 2017 

Ian Marshall of FTI Consulting LLP, acting as Scheme Advisor, reports that the Scheme Termination Date was 21st August 2017, notice of proposed termination having been given in accordance with clause 8.1.1 of the Scheme. No objections to the proposed termination were received and therefore the Scheme automatically terminated on that date.

Any Scheme Creditor who is unclear about this Notice should contact Alec MacMillan at FTI Consulting LLP by telephone +44 (0) 20 3727 1768, or by email

Download PDF: Key Dates and Future Timetable

01. 10th June 2016 Letter to Creditors

02. Claim Form

03. Payment Instruction Form

04. Original Practice Statement Letter, dated 16 February 2012

05. Withdrawal of original Practice Statement Letter, dated 9 April 2014

06. Practice Statement Letter, dated 12 September 2014

07. Scheme Cover Letter

08. Scheme of Arrangement wording

09. Voting Form

10. Proxy Form

11. Notice of Scheme Meeting 

12. Scheme of Arrangement Advertisement

13. Order

14. Notice of Adjournment of Scheme of Arrangement Sanctions Hearing

15. Order Sanctioning Scheme of Arrangement

All documents related to the Part VII Transfer can be found at 

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