Exit solutions

Scheme management

With hands-on experience in every type of scheme, solvent and insolvent, UK and foreign-domiciled, we have the knowledge and the skills you need. As the leading specialists in complex pool schemes, we can handle any or all aspects of even the most challenging scheme. Use us to assist in any of the scheme activities listed below or to provide the complete exit solution that best fits your needs and objectives. Freeing you from the administrative and financial burden of setting up and running a scheme to its successful conclusion, we can release tied-up assets and maximize liability savings.

We have a complete set of scheme-management skills in house and we can provide tailored interactive scheme websites. Our team has lived and breathed all aspects of many different schemes through every stage in their lifecycle.

Leveraging our extensive contacts with direct policyholders, reinsurance and insurance risk carriers and intermediaries, we provide an effective creditor management service to deliver transparent results to all stakeholders. Experience shows early management of these key stakeholders is critical to the process.

Scheme Experience

With our comprehensive first-hand knowledge of all legal and regulatory aspects of schemes and Part VII Transfers, we can provide an effective legal support service and liaise on your behalf with regulators in the UK and internationally.

We develop sophisticated, tailor-made systems for our clients to support the management of activities such as:

  • maintaining accurate creditor and policyholder records
  • calculating scheme values
  • circulating scheme information
  • submitting scheme claims by creditors.

These systems solutions are easily scalable and can also be made available to clients not managed by Pro.



Pro’s Track Record in Scheme Management