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Employer’s & Public Liability Management

End-to-end servicing and strategy for all Employer’s & Public Liability claims

Pro are the premier team for Employer’s Liability and Public Liability (EL/ PL) management. We have over 55 highly skilled claims professionals with an in-depth expertise for managing UK long and short-tail claims. Based in our Glasgow Centre of Excellence for UK Disease Claims Management, our team use market leading technology, processes and practices to handle entire portfolios, whether live or in run-off.

We’re experts in latent claims including all forms of asbestos related disease, hearing loss, vibration, pollution, medical malpractice and physical abuse. Our team has been in the sector from the very beginning, using its 30-year knowledge to develop significant market expertise. We invest in the continuous development of our employees to ensure our team have the skills necessary for managing even the most complex of claims.