Legacy solutions

Asset management and credit control

Helping you make the most of your assets

Capital efficiency is crucial in today’s market. Effective reinsurance collection practices can lead to enhanced cash flow management and efficient capital re-allocation. We can help you maximise your reinsurance asset by speeding up debt collection.

As a leading provider of professional reinsurance management services to the global reinsurance and insurance industry, we have the resources and flexibility to provide a service tailored precisely to your needs. Whether we are supplying our own specialist professionals to work on secondment in your offices or managing an entire portfolio, we deliver efficient cost-effective expertise.

Clients choose Pro because we manage their liabilities and assets effectively whilst protecting their confidentiality and corporate reputation. As a major player in the reinsurance management arena, we are respected negotiators and can realise significant economies of scale.

We will work in partnership with you, to handle all types of complex reinsurance programmes and negotiate effectively with reinsurers. With an exceptional global contact network, we have a proven track record for resourcefulness, efficiency and, above all, getting results.

Reinsurance review

  • Review and reconstruction of reinsurance programmes
  • Reconstruction of client or broker files
  • Query resolution

Asset management

  • Security review
  • Reinsurance debt recovery
  • Dispute resolution
  • Commutation

We offer all of these services on an individual consultancy basis or as part of a complete outsourced solution. Our processes are transparent and backed by comprehensive reporting to keep you fully informed through every stage of the process.