What we do

Cyber Audit

"60% of cyber attacks are carried out by insiders"

The Situation

The increasing sophistication of cyber criminals, frequency of major cyber attacks and the greater regulatory emphasis on data protection cam make it difficult for clients’ to understand their underwriting exposure when pricing cyber risks. At Pro we operate a ‘no stone unturned’ approach that makes it simpler for clients to understand what issues they face when underwriting cyber risks as well as how to best protect their policyholders from a cyber breach.

Our Expertise

We have (re)insurance SMEs and cyber security experts who can work collaboratively with you to provide the only shared knowledge solution by a UK company.

While general cyber security audits will only provide a general snapshot of a business' cyber security, at Pro we provide greater insight and solutions into how best to improve cyber health and, with our partner, allow for 24/7 monitoring of a business’ systems to identify and mitigate attacks.

Vulnerability Assessment
Cyber Claims Handling
User Awareness Training
Risk/Compliance Assessment
Emerging Threat Discovery & Development of Preventative measures
Defining & Implementing processes in accordance with legal/regulatory requirements
Calculation of the business interruption losses
Physical Security Assessment
Manage Security Service Provider