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Want to operate

Rising to the challenge of a soft market

With premiums falling and investment returns weak, managing cost ratios and operational expenses is key to keeping shareholders happy. Our operational consultants can enhance your operating model by delivering effective change management and process efficiency projects.

Looking for a more flexible operational model

The reinsurance industry presents a challenging environment for organisations that are both ambitious and determined to maintain and improve their standards of service and management of risk. Typically, our clients are seeking support to enable them better to manage peaks and troughs in work volumes or they are seeking to free up their own resources to focus on core business activities and achieve their strategic aims.

At Pro we have been delivering a trusted outsourcing service to clients for more than 30 years. We design our flexible service around what you need. If yours is a young or start-up business, outsourcing can help you reach critical mass quickly by supplying the resources you need to achieve scale. If you are an established operator, outsourcing can provide you with a cost-effective way to manage your resources and give you access to additional technical expertise.

We align our interests with yours, so you can be confident that we will deliver a cost-effective and guaranteed high quality service. We also offer insourcing solutions, delivering expert staff like accountants, specialist claims adjusters or underwriting support staff when you need them - without the year-round salary cost.

Need help in a hurry?

Following a major catastrophe you could find yourself overwhelmed with claims. We can provide surge resource to help you respond promptly to policyholders and deliver realistic exposure estimates for stakeholders.

Concerned about losing control over coverholder

In today’s global marketplace, increasing volumes of business are written through coverholders. Carriers need to maintain control over business written and claims accepted, satisfying both internal and regulatory requirements.  Coverholders rarely provide data in a standardised format.

We can help you keep control with regular coverholder audits and inspections and by introducing a standard bordereau reporting format through systems such as STRIPE

Replacing non-performing brokers

Are your collections not being processed or are they not being paid fast enough? We can replace non-performing brokers - partially or entirely - to maximise the speed and value of recoveries.

Our expert team will work in partnership with you to design and deliver a tailored, cost-efficient service. 

Our Lloyd's Run-Off Broker status (PSO 1178) means we can act as a broker for run-off business in the Lloyd's and worldwide company markets. We have full access to all the London Market settlement and accounting networks. We offer you a dedicated expert team with an exceptional market network and an extensive range of processing, broking or accounting experience to accelerate and maximise recovery of your reinsurance assets and/or secure liquidated debt.

Challenged by Solvency II

Solvency II imposes strict requirements on EU headquartered (re)insurers in areas such as data quality, process and embedded risk modelling. Elsewhere around the world (re)insurers are seeking to understand what competitive advantage they may gain and what new regulations they may face. We can help you meet the requirement to manage and interrogate your data at the micro level, generating valuable management information in the process.