Our clients

Professional advisors

Providing an insurance-related solution for your clients?

Insurance clients’ restructuring - Practical help from technical and process experts

We offer cost-effective support for time-consuming tasks, as well as strategic advice, technical consultancy, planning and project management. Such projects can require substantial resource often at very short notice. We provide flexible resource when you need it.

Litigation support

We have extensive experience working on litigation, arbitration, mediation and other forms of ADR  cases for law firms in all major jurisdictions. We provide strategic advice and our technical discovery work includes analysis of documents. We also act as expert / factual witnesses in areas such as actuarial, claims, underwriting, reinsurance accounting and insurance practices.

Preparing your clients for a scheme or Part VII Transfer?

Do you have the right level of data? Do you have up-to-date creditor names and addresses? We take care of the spadework, leaving you to focus on your core advisory role.

Getting clients ready for Solvency II?

We can help your clients meet the requirement to manage and interrogate their data at the micro level, generating valuable management information.